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Cold Room

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Zinc + clear powder coated wire shelving ideal for cold room

Perfect storage for food products, particularly those that are stored within a temperature controlled environment. For example cool rooms and Freezers in commercial kitchens and other food prep / storage areas, as well as medical / hospitals environments and other critical clean / hygienic storage facilities.

See the huge benefits of using our Zinc plated Wire Shelving over conventional chrome wire shelving or the very expensive Stainless Steel Shelving units:

  • Reduce costs – up to 60% less expensive than stainless steel.
  • Long life – lasts longer than chrome coating.
  • Fully adjustable – shelf heights every 25mm.
  • Strong & robust – Heavy Duty, up to 240kg shelf load capacity.
  • Wire ‘Air Deck’ construction ensures free air-flow, reducing moisture and dust accumulation.
  • Quick and easy to assemble – bolt-free, no specialist tools required.
  • Innovative design – Reduce costs and improve access adding on to existing units.
  • Maximum of 240Kg shelf capacity (Uniformly Distributed Load). Note: Load capacity based on static units. Load capacities may vary according to design. Please contact us for accurate load bearings for your desired design.