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Mobile Shelving application: Not Just For Office & Library

Mobile Shelving Products: Not Just For Office & Library

Mobile shelving is widely used in office and library. They are the ideal solutions for overcrowding and ensures that all your items are stored in smaller spaces than the traditional static shelves. No wonder that the mobile shelving is becoming popular than it was a few decades ago. So where else are mobile products being used?

To Store Inventory

For inventory storage, most businesses use shelving systems such as drawers and walls. Unfortunately, the traditional drawings may not be efficient since it is difficult for one to retrieve a product quickly. But modern businesses, have gone a notch higher. They deploy mobile shelving systems for inventory storage. It is a flexible storage that allows you to retrieve the item fast. You don’t have to waste time moving from one shelf to another. Mobile shelving store more inventory and is easy to manage.


The number of items to be stored in museums keeps on increasing. But the storage space remains the same. It is for this reason that most museums have resorted to mobile shelving products, which enable them to store more items. The shelves are of high quality, fit and come in a wide range of color selection. They are compact, well organized and can be used to store all types of collections. The cabinets are versatile and safe. They are adequate and meet the needs of museums. Mobile shelves are beautiful and can be used as a conservation storage solutions. Some of the items that can be stored are:

·        Fine art

·        Sculptures

·        Artifacts

·        Canvas and Frame

·        Photographs, pictures, engravings, and posters.

·        Rare books and art collection


·        They increase storage capacity in the same square footage

·        Can be adjusted and provide more storage spaces in the future.

·        Are convenient and could be used to store items of varying length, width or irregular shapes

·        It has locking doors that protect the priceless artifacts.

·        Facilitate smooth retrieval, are mobile and durable.

Art Galleries

Mobile shelving is extensively used in art galleries. It is ideal not just for storing but also allow for the display of the artwork. High-density mobile shelving comes with a number of art screens, adjustable shelves, and lockable cabinets to protect your artwork from damage or external influence. They can be used to store collections and boxes.  


·        They utilize every space and ensures that every cubic foot available is utilized.

·        They are mobile with controlled deceleration and low vibration 

·        Are secure and can store small, large, medium-sized items

·        They are protected and offer maximum accessibility.


Medical records and files are generated every day. These files need to be stored in systems that guarantee safety and allow for easy access and retrieval. Mobile shelving products are ideal for storage of such files. In fact, mobile high-density storage are fast replacing the traditional shelves in all hospitals because of their benefits. They allow for easy retrieval of the files, are efficient and consume fewer spaces. The units are massively deployed in the registry and the accountancy departments. The drugs dispensing departments are also utilizing mobile shelving products to store medication and other records.

Retail Stock Room

They utilize the powered shelves to store items. They are special mobile shelving products that allow for automatic movement of units and items. Items can be retrieved by simply using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). It is the quickest way to retrieve archived items. The product features auto-open and close functions that help to maximize storage capacity. This frees more storage spaces and makes the shop tidy. This type of storage can suitably be deployed in customer retail purpose.

Storing Items That Need To Be Moved

Mobile shelving can be mounted on rolling racking or on tracks of any surface fitted with wheels. It allows one to pack closely as many items as possible. These items can be accessed and removed with ease. In cases where heavy items that need to be moved from one place to another, mobile shelving can be used to store such items. They allow for easy movement of the items to places where they are needed. Mobile shelving products allow one to move the heavy units effortlessly. They are thus ideal for modern businesses.