Customised Quality Artwork Hanging Racks

  •  SII-MSAR07
  •  94031000
  •  1830W*2130L*2280mmH


Customised Quality Artwork Hanging Racks

Simply specialize in designing and providing compact art storage racks and hanging framed artwork shelving systems for organizing and protecting artwork while also maximizing storage floor space.

Our professional team can custom-design hanging racks to meet your specific requirements.These Custom-Designed Art Hanging Storage Racks are compact and eliminate the need for extra aisle space while also remaining completely accessible to users.

There are numerous advantages to our quality hanging racks including:

  • Instant access to your artworks. Significantly increasing your storage space, by as much as 90 per cent, increasing space so that you can streamline your operations

  • With its compact, elegant design, the art system for storing paintings is practically a work of art itself. These Mobile art rack systems preserve precious floor space while maintaining framed artwork
  • Featuring double-sided mesh screens that are flush to the art rack frame, this storage system offers far greater capacity than traditional art racks.
  • The artwork hanging arrangement is limitless, especially where floor space is not. Mobile Art Rack Systems can store the same number of items as conventional pull-out art racks in almost half the floor space. This means less space is required for collection storage, or you can double your storage capacity in the same area. Any way you look at it, it’s a savings for your facility.
  • For All mobile bases come equipped with in-rail anti-tip devices . The wheel sections can be nested for maximum storage density, and roller guide-bearing wheel assemblies provide for smooth tracking over a lifetime of performance.For all top track racks we offer extra bottom tracks when needed to make sure the racks stable and anti-tilt.



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