Sturdy Welded Ventilated Metal Lockers For Gym, School and Military

  • SII-ML02
  • 94032000
  • 900W*400D*1800H


Description of Multipurpose Sturdy Welded Ventilated Metal Lockers

These Sturdy Welded Ventilated Metal Lockers For Gym, School and Military provide secure, efficient storage for up to 18 people at once when only a limited amount of floor space is available. Our air flow ventilation system allows air to circulate inside the locker and vent outside helping clothing and shoes stay dry and odor free.

Key Features of Sturdy Welded Ventilated Metal Lockers:

· Body Construction: Heavy Gauge welded channel frame construction for superior rigidity and durability

· Workmanship:  perforated doors; solid steel tops and bottoms

· Doors:  diamond shaped perforations for maximum ventilation.

· Powder Coated: All locker parts to be cleaned and coated after fabrication with a seven stage zinc/iron phosphate solution to inhibit corrosion, followed by a coat of high grade custom powder electrostatically sprayed and baked at 325 degrees Fahrenheit for a minimum of 30 minutes to provide a durable, attractive and scratch resistant finish

· Handle: different handles for your choice.

· Lock Options: Accept multiple locker locks including built-in combination locks, combination padlocks, built-in keyed locks, keyed padlocks, coin locks and digital locks

Standard size of Sturdy Welded Ventilated Metal Lockers For Gym, School and Military

Cutomized design and sizes are acceptable based on a MOQ of 20 sets


1 tier locker Model Number Name Dimension (mm)
T5-LK01A One door   vertical wardrobe 318W*508D*1800H
T5-LK02A 2 doors vertical   wardrobe 608W*508D*1800H
T5-LK03A 3 doors vertical   wardrobe 900W*508D*1800H
T5-LK04A 4 door vertical   wardrobe 1190W*508D*1800H
2 tier locker
T5-LK01B upper and lower   2 doors wardrobe 318W*508D*1800H
T5-LK02B upper and lower   4 doors wardrobe 608W*508D*1800H
T5-LK03B upper and lower   6 doors wardrobe 900W*508D*1800H
3 tier locker
T5-LK09 3 tiers with 9   doors 900W*400D*1800H
T5-LK012 3 tiers with 12   doors 900W*400D*1800H
T5-LK15 3 tiers with 15   doors 900W*400D*1800H


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