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What is High Density Mobile Shelving

Welcome to our website! I am going to introduce you high density mobile shelving. Many people prefer high density mobile shelving, because it is easy for people to operate. It can also keep large amounts of goods. If you don’t have enough budgets for a bigger storehouse or office. High density mobile shelving would be the best shelving for you.

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What is high density mobile shelving

Its storage and features

Three types of high-density mobile shelving

What is high density mobile shelving

High density mobile shelving is a concept based on the item of condensing stored stuff into less space. High density mobile shelving have many different types with the same the basic function: moving shelving that compacts together to eliminate excess aisle space. When compared to lateral cabinets or traditional static shelving, high density storage systems will offer the same amount of storage capacity in approximately 50% less space.

High density mobile shelving systems are the most efficient, compact storage solutions. With one aisle created in the middle units, the high-density mobile shelving provides significantly greater storage capacity per square foot of floor space than conventional static shelving.

High-density mobile shelving can be operated on floor tracks, and can be moved backwards or forwards. The space within a mobile system is compacted together, and accessed by rolling the units apart. The advantage of this compacted storage is that only one aisle is required to access a shelf. This significantly increases the amount of usable storage space, which would otherwise be taken up by the aisles between runs of shelving in a conventional storage system.The result is a much more efficient storage and retrieval system.

Storage and features of high density mobile shelving

High density mobile shelving can greatly increase the space and add more storage. it can also reduce cost for management and improve working efficiency. It can also prevent goods from being misplaced. The control model becomes simple and easy. All the high density mobile shelving are easy to install. Your storage capacity is significantly increased, and items can be accessed more quickly.

A typical bank of mobile office shelving units offers close to a 50% reduction of floor space, or a 50% to 100% increase in storage space, compared to traditional filing cabinets. The ability to concertina individual units until touching means space is only required between units when they are being accessed by users. When the bank of units is closed, the contents are protected from light and dust, and the whole bank of units can be secured by locking the end unit(s) in place. This makes mobile shelving ideal for holding museum and archive collections.

Common types of high-density mobile shelving

Our high-density mobile shelving systems have 3 types for you to choose:

1. Mechanical assist mobile shelving:

Aisle opens by pulling a handle. A variety of optional handle colors are available to match any decor. Almost any type of new or existing shelving can be mounted onto mobile carriages. Mobile shelving and cabinets are usually fabricated using heavy-gauge, cold-rolled steel for durability.

2. Manual push mobile shelving:

Manual push mobile shelving systems mean no gears. Simply push the handle, and the carriage will move with ease. These systems have many benefits. There are no handles to turn, this eliminates the possibility of any mechanical maintenance, and regardless of their appearance, these systems are very easy to move.

3. Electric powered mobile shelving:

Powered shelving is electrically powered. Units normally have a small AC or DC motor hidden in the base that automatically moves the units when a single button is pressed. High-end versions connect into archiving databases, and using RFID allows the easy retrieval of archived items with auto-open and close functions.

This article talks about high density mobile shelving. there is brief introduction of different types. We have three kinds of high density mobile shelving and various colors for you. If you have any more questions, you can contact with us now!