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Types of Mobile Shelving

Mobile shelving is still an effective storage system since it’s designed to provide enough space more efficiently. There are many types of mobile shelving depending on the basis of operation. The most common ones are:

  1. Mechanically Operated Shelving

This is the most popular shelving system. It can be moved by rotating a wheel hence the name mechanically operated. As the wheel rotates, the unit is moved along the track. Alternatively, the unit can be mounted on a mobile carriage which reduces the storage space footprint. It allows you to access the aisle by turning a 3 spoke handle with ease. It requires a very small effort to move between 4000-10000 pounds of weight. The storage comes in a variety of design options with a range of accessories and safety features. This allows you to create a perfect mechanical system for our space.

Mechanically operated shelving is designed to help you solve all your storage challenges. You can open the aisle by simply pulling the 3 spoke handle. The unit comes with safety locks which prevent unwanted movements. It also comes with optional automatic locks which can help prevent the closure of unoccupied aisle. It also features the carriage safety sweep to ensure that the user and the materials being stored are protected. Also, it features optional hub locks that prevent any unauthorized access. These units have an additional advantage in that they are designed in a way that allows an engineer to upgrade them to electrically operated shelving. This can be done by adding special programmable features.

Notice that mechanically operated shelving is designed to allow for easy upgrading. It means that you can add more features depending on your current storage needs.


•It is ADA compliant

•It allows for mounting of new shelving onto the mobile carriage

•Can be configured and expanded as needs change.

•The cabinets are fabricated from heavy gauge steel meaning that they are durable.

  1. Electrically Operated Mobile Shelving

They are popular and are ideal for storing expensive items. They are preferred if you are interested in a high-density storage unit. The system is easy to operate. This can be done by pushing the button controller, which is normally placed at the end of the shelves.

The electrically driven mobile shelving is fitted with programmable control system and network control systems meaning that ventilation can be started automatically and lighting can be controlled and reduce power bills.


•It is ideal for heavy shelving systems and allows one to load up to 5000kg weight per shelf axle.

•Once the button is pushed, the desired aisle opens up.

•It eliminates accordion effect since it provides vibration free transport of the goods in the shelf axles.

•The installation switches itself off automatically if a risk of damage is detected.

•It is easy to maintain the electronic components without having to empty the shelves.

•It saves on energy since it is programmable, and network control.

•Has the motor integrated into the drive frame hence increased carrying capacity?

•It has a provision for mechanical pushing aid in case of power failure.

  1. Hand Operated Mobile Shelving

They are simple storage units with a handle that allows for easy movement of units.

  1. The Slide Mobile Shelving

It is also referred to as roll-aside/slide aside mobile shelving. It is ideal for a small office and could be placed in corridors. The slide mobile shelving provides more storage facility that any other known storage units. This can be done by doubling the units you can place against the wall.

Having looked at the types of mobile shelving. It is critical that we discuss how you are likely to benefit from mobile shelving.

  1. Space Efficiency

It gives more out of the current space. It reduces the storage footprint and increases storage capacity by 300%.

  1. Accommodate Growth

It features programmable powered systems which offer high storage density and gives you room to plan for both long-term and short-term expansion of the already existing space.

  1. Improves Productivity

It is easier for employees to find the store materials. It frees their time for more important daily tasks.

  1. Customizable Storage

It is easier to configure the mobile shelving systems to fit individual storage needs. It is a viable option if you want to store file folders or bulky boxes. The heavy duty and deep shelves allow for storage of heavy loads and large boxes. The pre-configured measurements cater for filing requirements.

  1. Enhanced Storage Security

The programmable systems and the locking devices guarantee you ultimate system security. The electronic access assures that only authorized people can access the system.

  1. Improved Accessibility

The increased density of stored materials brings them closer to where they are needed. It helps to improve efficiency.

  1. Safety Environment

Mobile shelving allows for heavy loads to be moved via electronic input. It protects the stored material as well as the user.

  1. Cost-Effective

Mobile shelving provides more storage in the same space compared to the traditional filing. It provides similar storage at a lower cost but increases the amount of free floor space.