Hand Crank Rolling Storage Shelving on Track

  • SII-MSF07
  • 3800W*850D*2500H Or customized


Hand Crank Rolling Storage Shelving on Track 

This Hand Crank Rolling Storage Shelving System will save you more than 50% floor space comparing to traditional lateral or vertical filing cabinets. Rolling storage shelving are filing cabinets or archieve shelves with wheels on the bottom that are mounted on rolling platforms that slide back and forth on tracks to create a movable access aisle. . Productivity is improved with the roller racks because employees no longer have to walk around the office looking for files/cargos stored in various different areas.

Our mobile storage shelving system has been exported to more than 20 countries and since it is flat packing to save the freight cost , however you need get some workers install it, installation instructions will be offered which helps the assembly easier and quickly to be finished.

What can be stored by the Crank Rolling Storage Shelving on Track ?

Whatever files you are going to store, Box files, hanging file folders, file pockets, blueprint drawing etc.,

Simply will make the most of your shelving capacity with different storage accessories. Its unique mechanism enables you to effortlessly & silent move multiple carriage.

Simply mobile aisle shelving is available in several standard sizes, see below:


Parameter Specification  :
Types: Manual Mechanical Wheel Mechanical Handle
Material    : Electrolytic Galvanized Steel
Surface treatment: Epoxy Powder Coating
Dimension  : Height : 2150mm
Width : (905*N)+165mm    (N=number of Bays)
Depth    : Fixed Unit    : 450mm
Movable Unit    : 450/650/850mm
Shelf Size: W845xD395xH38mm(for 450/850); W845xD295xH38mm(for 650);
No. of Shelves Single Fixed /Single Movable =4n
Double Movable =8n
Aisle Size   : 600-1000mm
Loading per Shelf: Reinforced Shelf    : D295mm/85kg ; D395mm/100kg
Multi-purpose Standard   Shelf  : D395mm/60kg
No. of Rails   : 1-3Bays : 2pcs 4-5Bays : 3pcs
6-7Bays : 4pcs 8Bays : 5pcs
Thickness: Base Back panel Top panel Front panel Side panel Shelf Post Rail
2mm 1mm 1mm 1mm 1mm 0.8mm 1.5mm 2mm
Lock : Steering wheel with brake ,more safety
Post 50x50mm square tube post of double plate with slots in 25mm increment
Bumper : Natural rubber of 30x16mm
Rail : Made of 25mm concrete steel with 0.8mm stainless steel sheet coating
Wheel   : Iron die casting with anti-rust zinc coating
Loading    : 1000kg / Wheel
  Standard model of mobile filing shelving
Type Bay numbers Single fixed Single movable Double movable Double Movable
Manual 1 SFP450-1 SMP450-1 DMP650-1 DMP850-1
2 SFP450-2 SMP450-2 DMP650-2 DMP850-2
Mechanical 1 SFM450-1 SMM450-1 DMM650-1 DMM850-1
2 SFM450-2 SMM450-2 DMM650-2 DMM850-2
3 SFM450-3 SMM450-3 DMM650-3 DMM850-3
4 SFM450-4 SMM450-4 DMM650-4 DMM850-4
5 SFM450-5 SMM450-5 DMM650-5 DMM850-5
6 SFM450-6 SMM450-6 DMM650-6 DMM850-6
7 SFM450-7 SMM450-7 DMM650-7 DMM850-7
8 SFM450-8 SMM450-8 DMM650-8 DMM850-8
Standard  Depth:  ( D ) 450mm 450mm 650mm 850mm
Standard  Height:   ( H ) 2150mm
Standard  Width:  ( W ) 905*N (N=number of Bays)
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