High Density Mobile Systems in Saint Helena

  • SII-MAMS01
  • 94031000
  • 320kg for single bay single side unit
  • 3785*650*2150mmH Or customzied


Why mobile storage?

Mobile shelving systems consist of a series of shelving runs which move parallel to one another and require only a single operating aisle for access to all items stored. The reduction in the number of aisles achieved by this system provides a high degree of both operational and cost benefits. – Mobile shelving systems require 40% less surface area than static shelving for the same storage capacity. – There is 85% more storage capacity compared with static shelving occupying the same surface area. – The amount of surface area occupied of 65% – 85% and the reduction of time spent moving to and from shelves helps to improve retrieval times.

why Choosing Simply Mobile shelving?

Simply combins superior engineering with quality design. Unbroken lines, ergonomically designed fold-away handles and a silent, belt-driven mechanism make simply mobile shelving a neutral and efficient choice of secure mobile storage for any office. It’s also adaptable and therefore a future-proof/sustainable solution.

The benefits:

• smooth and quiet operation

• softened edges for a sleeker finish

• floating, height-adjustable floor with no fixings

• advanced track design for hassle-free operation

• built-in anti-tilt and brake button for safety

• maintenance-free belt drive mechanism

Application of Simply’s Mobile shelving

Used in big warehouse for bulk items storage

Wire shelving Mobile compactus Used in Cold Room for air-circulation, also be used in Pharmacy/clinic/hospital/healthcare places


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